Welcome to the JCS Family

The JCS Family is comprised of WASC-accredited, FREE public charter schools, home study, and alternative programs that are located throughout Southern California and Southern Riverside County.

Welcome to the Family

JCS was established in November 1999 (under a management organization) as a K-12 non-classroom based charter school. In 2000, the School, as a 501(c)(3) organization, incrementally began taking ownership of curriculum, instruction and assessment; finance, facilities, and business management; and organization, governance, and administration becoming a fully independent, direct funded, incorporated charter school by the 2002-2003 school year.

From inception, the School was designed to meet the needs of students under served by traditional delivery systems of education or for families with a strong desire to home school.

The School received an initial charter for two years and has had three additional five-year renewals.

JCS Executive Director Jennifer Cauzza

A Message from our Executive Director

At JCS, student success has always been a top priority. The JCS family of charter schools are WASC-accredited, public charter schools serving students TK-12 mainly in San Diego and Riverside counties encouraging students to become independent lifelong learners. The curriculum at JCS is designed to be flexible enough to work with parents’ visions while providing structure and support for students through personalized learning designed to draw out student strengths.

The original school was established in 1999 to serve an under-represented, under-served population. Initially, JCS had no facilities and through the requests of teachers, parents, and students we began to incorporate some classroom instruction with home study instruction. This proved to be wildly successful and JCS now has a total of six charter schools serving students in San Diego and Riverside.

At JCS parents are partners in the educational process, they are watching their child grow into becoming an independent, self-directed learner.  That is a goal for all parents: to inspire their child’s love of learning and watch them grow! At JCS, it is our mission to help parents and students accomplish that goal!

– Jennifer Cauzza

A Little More About Our Program

The JCS mission is to empower learners with educational choice in a supportive, resource-rich environment. We are dedicated to excellence and committed to nurturing passionate lifelong learners.

Empowering Learners With Educational Choice!

Creativity and Innovation 
Envision and explore rich teaching and learning opportunities.

Integrity and Compassion
Model honesty, dignity, fairness, and responsibility while demonstrating respect and understanding.

Educate each student to their full potential and uphold the greater good of the school.

Empower individual paths and goals through personalized learning.

Foster a climate of high expectations, quality, and accountability.


JCS, unlike many schools cares about each and everyone’s education. The teachers explain everything so that it makes sense.

High School Student

This school is full of kind people and they teach us a lot of great things.

Middle School Student

JCS is a good place because it is a bully free zone. JCS is a good place just to meet new people.

Middle School Student

JCS is more than just a school to me; its a place where I feel secure…like a home.

High School Senior

JCS cares for their students deeply. They are not just teachers. They are mentors, friends, and family. JCS is not just a school. JCS is a group of close friends who work together to make it the best learning experience.

High School Senior

I chose JCS because it’s a school where I can be comfortable.

Middle School Student

Getting the opportunity to complete my education at my pace is great! It was also a very good experience for my future years in college which requires independence.

High School Student

With amazing teachers and diligent students, JCS has realized its dream of being a great school that will prepare us for the future.

High School Student

I used to transfer high schools too often, changing schools almost every semester. I never felt welcome at any high school until JCS.

High School Student

I came to JCS because my auntie graduated from here. Experiencing this new way of learning was scary at first, but now I love it! It definitely is helping me improve myself and my grades.

High School Student